An Open Letter to Children’s Clothing Makers; Or, Why I Really Need to Learn to Sew

15 Apr 2012

Dear Children’s Clothing Manufacturers, Department Store Buyers, and all of the Apparently Completely Sex-Crazed Corporate Idiots involved in the making of child apparel,

I’m the mother of an almost eight-year-old female child, and I desperately need your help.

My child is innocent. She does not yet understand why God makes boys and girls. Soon enough, I suppose, we’ll have to talk about where babies come from, menstrual cycles, and all the other stuff that comes with being a woman, but not now.

For now, her primary concerns are what flavor Capri Sun to have with her snack and where her library book might have gotten off to.  And that is how it should be.

So, I need your help in understanding why the selection of clothing for her age is so—for lack of a better phrase—hootchie mama?

In my mind, she hasn’t changed so very much from when she was wearing jumpers with frilly socks and black patent Mary Janes. (Last year, btw.)

So I’m curious, what is might be, in your collective minds, occurring between size-6X and size- 7 that justifies these…well…whore clothes.

There.  I said it. Your children’s clothing is trashy looking, over-sexualized, and age-inappropriate. In a word, whore-y.

Granted, my child is a beautiful female specimen, even at her age. She has big, brown expressive eyes with lashes and brows grown women would commit a felony to have. Her little bottom is perfectly rounded, and her legs are long and getting longer by the day.

Her most prominent feature, brown hair falling in tight curls over her head, already attracts the attention of complete strangers. Strangers who become so mesmerized by her soft, defined curls they become babbling fools.

She looks just like Shirley Temple!

She sure does! Because as I recall, Shirley Temple had short brown hair with tight curls, not blonde hair with long ringlets.

Is her hair naturally curly?

No, it’s a perm.  I considered just living with the hair God gave her, but decided that putting noxious chemicals on her two-year-old head was the only way to get truly show-stopping locks.

So we certainly don’t need her clothing to bring more attention her way.

I have no doubt she will be a striking young woman.  But today, and for many days to come, she remains a girl.


Therefore—and please take note—she does not require any of the following:

  • Sandals or dress shoes with heels
  • Gold or silver shoes or handbags
  • Dresses made of slippery, shiny materials
  • Strapless dresses or tops
  • Dresses or tops with spaghetti straps
  • Asymmetrical tops with one strap
  • Low-cut v-neck t-shirts
  • Bathing suits with cut-out sides
  • Tops that show the midriff
  • Shorts that hit anywhere above the bottom third of the thigh
  • Bottoms of any kind with typography on the rear-end, or tops with wording directly across the bust including, but not limited to: peace, love, princess, hottie, cutie, diva, and especially juicy

So, basically, I need you to stop producing, distributing, and selling it. In its place, I kindly request more smocked, empire-waist dresses, Bermuda shorts, flats, classic crew-neck t-shirts in solids and stripes, plain white sneakers, big hair bows, wider shoulder straps, the complete removal of lame’ as a fabric choice, and NO. WORDS. ON. THE. BUTT.

It may seem I’m asking a lot, but I feel pretty confident there are other mothers (and fathers) who agree with me.  Children already grow up at lightening speed. They don’t need help from you, shoving them into sexuality in first grade.


Mother of an Innocent

P.S.  Do you let your daughters wear this Jodie-Foster-in-Taxi-Driver-Jon-Benet-Ramsey-Irish-Traveller-Wife-Parade garbage?

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2 Responses to An Open Letter to Children’s Clothing Makers; Or, Why I Really Need to Learn to Sew

  1. Shannon Thomas says:

    Well put! So glad I have a boy that is happy with jeans and tshirts!

  2. Robin Skelton says:

    Grandmothers agree.

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