Twenty Five Acts of Kindness Project

So, I’m leaving Hobby Lobby after having purchased every red-and-white striped and/or peppermint themed Christmas decoration ever made.  I wheel my milk-crate-blue cart full of purchases to my car, empty its contents into my trunk, and begin a conversation with myself re: the long walk back to the store entrance to return said cart.

I’ll just leave it out here.  That’s what they get for not having cart corrals. And, while we’re at it, 1979 called, and they want their cash registers back.

You will NOT leave that cart out here so it can dent up someone’s car. Lazy. Walk your fat butt back up there and put it where it belongs.

Okay, okay.

Hmm.  That lady across the row from me only has one item left to unload.  I think I’ll ask her if I can take her cart, too.

Hi. Can I take your cart back for you?

Wha-? No. I mean, you don’t have to do that.

I know I don’t have to. I want to.

Well, I…just a…

Come on, it’s Christmas.

That’s…’s…very nice of you. Thank you.

I slid her cart together with mine and rolled them over the bumpy asphalt to the store entrance, all the while thinking even though it felt pretty good to do this nice thing, the lady was so taken aback by it that it made me sad.  Have we really reached the point where a selfless act is such a rarity as to cause shock in the recipient?  Are we truly that…pathetic at being considerate?

The hippie, hippie hug-a-trees worry about our physical environment. The yappy, yappy* pundits worry about the political climate.

Yet no one seems to be concerned with preserving basic civility.

So, in an effort to reduce my own jerk footprint, I’ve decided to perform 25 acts of kindness between now and Christmas.

And who knows? Maybe I’ll start some viral kindness thingy and the world will improve fantastically and I’ll become famous as that chick with the blog only three people actually read who started the anti-jerkface movement all because of a shopping cart at Hobby Lobby.

Or one less car gets chipped paint.

Either way, it’s win win.


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2 Responses to Twenty Five Acts of Kindness Project

  1. Erin says:

    Yey for you! And this is definitely a widespread deal, it truly saddens me that common decency is the exception and not the norm. What are doing with all the red and white stripes?!

  2. Luby says:

    I’m doing it too. The trend has started.

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